Ambiguous Gestures

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 08:43 -- jcartwright

It’s true. The age of chivalry is gone. Some say it never was, though I’m inclined to think otherwise. In any case, its passing has left us with a dilemma. In the age of Gangsters and Hollywood musicals, it didn’t exist. You opened the door for a lady; you picked up the tab and pulled out her chair, no questions. But that’s not how it goes anymore.

Get inside her mind

Sat, 03/17/2012 - 00:26 -- amber

Have you ever wondered why in general women seem to be less prompt to be turned on than men? Well, they just have a different process to reach that point, but you can also make your girl horny if you do it right!

As a man you probably remember a point in your life (around your late teens) at which the mere contact of air could lead you into a hard erection. Now it's probably not such an extreme case, but you may have noticed it's still far easier that a little event or thought will meteorically rise your level of excitement, while your partner seems to grow very slowly her interest in sex. If you want to learn some tips to help your girl feel hot and bothered when you are as well, take a look then at the following points we've gathered for you.

Compatibility Doesn't Always Lead to Happy Endings

Fri, 03/09/2012 - 20:10 -- amber

Every one of us has our own definition of love. For some, love can be the most bittersweet emotion one can feel while love is the sweetest yet toughest adventure one can have in his entire lifetime for others.

But whatever we may think love is, one thing is for sure. Love is complicated. Love is easy to feel but hard to describe. You may not see it but it's there because you can feel it!

Living sex after marriage

Mon, 02/20/2012 - 22:23 -- amber

The following is a short collections of useful hints you can constantly remember to yourself in order to make your partner the happiest girl on earth.

There are many specific techniques that can improve your performance in bed, but sometimes you are too aware of the detail, and that's where a quick review of sex from a general perspective may come in handy. So take a look at this list and try to figure out where you stand in the road to become a magnificent lover beyond the specifics of practice.

The Right Age for Marriage

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 21:59 -- amber

Every time we log onto Facebook or another social networking site, someone we know is getting engaged. Naturally, we always have some sort of opinion about it. “Oh, they are too young!” or “It’s about time, they have been dating forever!” It’s times like these when we ask ourselves: What age is the right age to tie the knot???

How to Handle an Argument Between You and Your Man

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 21:52 -- amber

Inevitably, arguments are going to arise between you and your mate. It could be over a very large, significant problem or something very minute as to where you all are going to eat dinner. The key to arguments in relationships is how you handle them. There are several ways to end arguments successfully and make you and your significant other much closer.

The Big Deal About Open Relationships

Tue, 01/24/2012 - 00:33 -- amber

In a society where emotions reign and sexual urges are considered sinful, open relationships have put a spin on the inquiries about cheating in a relationship. An open relationship is generally defined when two people agree that they want to be together for their psychological and physical needs, but they want to have the option of seeing other people for their sexual needs.

Cheating Is Wrong!

Tue, 01/24/2012 - 00:16 -- amber

Cheating in a relationship is a controversial subject where main opinions center around why cheating is wrong. When someone cheats, it usually means they’re dissatisfied with some aspect within their relationship; whether it is intimacy, feeling desired, or being bored with the monotony of sleeping with the same person.


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